2 officers under investigation in death of Ottawa man identified (Part 2/2)

Posted Date: Tuesday, July 26, 2016

"And there was this cut here and his blood run on the ground. Then he started beating him hard with the object he was carrying, and when he did so, I pleaded with him to stop the assault, informing him that the man was mentally ill. "I pleaded with him, 'Please don't beat him, please, he can't listen, he don't care.' The other policeman joined him, they did whatever they wanted with him until he became incapacitated. "I have never seen anything similar to the way they beat him with such malice, animosity and hostility. They simply didn't want him alive, they wanted him dead," she said. The head of the police union said police were responding to a "violent incident," and that they had to contain it. "The officers were experiencing a male that was assaultive in behaviour," said Matt Skof. "So they are required, they're bound to react to that, they have to react to that, they have to contain that." Group calls for thorough investigation The National Council of Canadian Muslims released a statement Tuesday calling for a thorough investigation of the arrest and alleged beating. "The community we're hearing from here in Ottawa — and across the country — want answers. So it's really important that the SIU conducts the investigation thoroughly, transparently," said NCCM spoksperson Amira Elghawaby. "We need to wait [for] the investigation's outcome to see what happened and what could have perhaps been done differently and how we could avoid this from ever happening again." A public memorial for Abdi will be held at Somerset Square Park, between Wellington Street West and Somerset Street West at Spadina Avenue, on Tuesday at 8:30 p.m. ET. A funeral is tentatively scheduled to take place at the Ottawa Mosque, though the day and time is still to be determined. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/police-officer-in-abdi-death-identified-1.3695996

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