Bilderberg Group is Calling Shots in the Middle East. (P 2/2)

Posted Date: Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The biggest intrigue during the recent meeting of the Bilderberg Group was the discussion of the split that occurred between the US and Britain, breaking the influential Anglo-Saxon club in two. London has been displeased recently by Washington’s practice of taking use of terrorism in the Middle East. Therefore, the first day of work of the Bilderberg Club was devoted to the debate between supporters and opponents of Islamism. The CIA and MI6, therefore, tried to find a compromise in order to preserve NATO’s main goal – the fight against Russia. Yet another pivotal topic of discussion at the recent meeting was the debate about the future of Wahhabism in the Middle East. The members of the group are convinced that this religious deviation must become dominant in the Middle East. As a result, while Washington has renewed its alliance with Saudi Arabia, and has convinced it to break with the Muslim Brotherhood in exchange for 110 billion dollars worth of armament, London is pushing for an agreement between Iran, Qatar, Turkey and the Muslim Brotherhood. However, in order that the conceived “post-Muslim” world starts to take shape, it is necessary to fulfill several necessary and sufficient conditions. One of them is to transform Saudi Arabia, which is one of the main sponsors of international terrorism, into an ideological fighter that opposes it. To achieve this goal, the West is forced to create an image of an enemy, and Qatar seems to fit this role perfectly. Moreover, the West doesn’t need Qatar as a part of its project to construct a gas pipeline across Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Syria with access to the Mediterranean Sea to create a counterweight to Russian gas expansion, since the course of events in Syria provides no preconditions for this. But the most ardent enemy of Wahhabism is Iran. It does not need to build a ghostly caliphate since the people of Iran have their own ayatollah, their own land and they have undergone the process of Islamic revolution already. Therefore, Iran was to witness a series of terrorist attacks in the very center of its capital after the meeting of the group. All this fits into the Middle Eastern puzzle envisioned by the Bilderberg Group. However, once Britain starts playing its own games with the Muslim Brotherhood, we can expect even more chaos across the Middle Eastern region, where the existing confessional struggle is going to get complicated even further by the “growing political Islam forces”, composed of Tehran, Doha, Ankara, Idlib, Beirut and the Gaza Strip. Martin Berger is a freelance journalist and geopolitical analyst, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

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